The everything burrito appears to be a normal burrito, only it is much larger due to the fact that it contains many ingredients.



The contents of the everything burrito include at least: sunny-side-up eggs, a spatula, purple berries (presumably grapes), a fluffy pink swirled substance (presumably cotton candy), a buttered waffle, a green teacup, a stack of buttered flapjacks, a frying pan, a drinking glass with a straw and yellow liquid inside, a carrot, a hamburger, lettuce, some grapefruit, a pineapple, a slice of lemon, a box of noodles, a bowl of cereal, sandwiches, a carton full of eggs, tacos, a loaf of bread, a ham, a donut, a pumpkin, a banana, a milk carton, bacon, a turkey, cheese, a hotdog, a few strawberries, a cake, some more noodles with a meatball, half of an apple, a tomato, two oranges, some pretzels, a few French fries, spam, a plum, a slice of chocolate cake, a slice of pumpkin pie, a speared olive, scrambled eggs, a mushy brown substance (presumably beans), probably poison, (put in by the cute army) and a large tortilla-bread piece to wrap around it.


Assemble and eat! Click here to read more about the burrito...


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